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Timothy Mueller

This is my second joint surgery using Columbus Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Clinic. Dr. Kolstad did an excellent job on my shoulder. My scar looks amazing, and I can’t believe how fast I am healing. I now have my quality of life back and feel like a new man. I recommend the clinic to my friends all the time. I can say my overall experience in just two words: Top quality.

Theresa Lab

If you are considering replacement surgery, give Columbus Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Clinic a shot. Call and find out for yourself. You will experience very pleasant staff with a personable touch.

Jane Kasik

I was very apprehensive about the iovera treatment, but after learning more from my class presenters, I am glad I chose it.

Holly Schmid

When Holly Schmid first started experiencing hip pain, she thought it was arthritis and she would just have to learn to live with it. After meeting with her doctor, Schmid discovered she would need a hip replacement.